Housing for Heroes

Living with Dignity

All who have worn the uniform of the U.S. military should have affordable, adequate, safe housing.

They have sacrificed. They have served. They are entitled to living dignity.

The Veteran Housing Project joins hundreds of other organizations in working to provide home modifications that result in adequate, safe, accessible housing for our American Heroes.

One house at a time. One room at a time. One nail at a time – most importantly, one military hero at a time.

Join us in this mission to serve.

If you want to support us, then follow the donation link on the menu.

If you are a military veteran, or know of a military veteran, needing home modifications, then you can use the application link on the menu.

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What we do

  1. We identify the veteran need for home modifications or improvement.
  2. We access our resources to complete the work.
  3. We gather the finances, supplies, and manpower to accomplish the changes.
  4. We make the changes to the veteran’s home.

It is a simple process but requires the support of many individuals to make it happen.

We finance the operations in the following ways:

  1. Our internal team engages in construction work for a fee and the proceeds are used for the general fund.
  2. Our fundraising team conducts outreach to the community and raises some fees, awareness and recruits volunteers and suppliers.
  3. We operate the www.USAPatriorWear.com website to raise funds and awareness.
  4. We pray!

Would you like to help? To volunteer, contact Lance at 704-898-1156 or email dirctor@veteranresourcenework.com. To make a financial contribution, visit http://give.veteranhousingproject.com